Sunday, May 16, 2010

Building the chassis

It's finally starting to take shape! The footprint is roughly 11" x 11". It's still missing the rear reinforcing plates. The lower rear plate will serve as the stepper motor mount for the Y axis and the base plate that holds the Y axis (which is not yet bolted down) is Delrin for now- I'll eventually replace it with a 3/8" thick Mic6 cast aluminum tooling plate.

The Igus linear slides are so nice- just bolt them in place and you're good to go. No need to worry about rails not being in alignment or binding in the system.



  1. How the Milling Machine comeing?

  2. hay man liked your ible and love the project wanting to do something similer hows it going

  3. Whats happing with you milling machine?

  4. Did you giveup on the Milling Machine? Nothing for four months!

  5. Nope I didn't give up- I've just been extremely busy at work and home. With three kids, an extremely busy job and multiple projects going on all at the same time it's been impossible to keep up! I need a 36 hour day...

    As soon as I can get the drive belts I'll be back in business on the mechanics side of things. On the electronics side I'm setting up some Linisteppers so I can compare using them with Linux EMC vs. the MakerBot/RepRap software.

    I've also recognized some flaws in the extruder design and I've designed a new water cooled version which I should have built in a couple of weeks.

    Hang in there- good stuff is on the way!