Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now that's what I call a heat sink

I finally got the Linistepper driver boards and the parallel port breakout board soldered. The Linisteppers require a large heat sink and this one should hopefully fit the bill- it measures about 7" square by 3" thick. I'm using the Linisteppers to handle the CNC machining using EMCEventually I hope to add another driver board for a four axis milling setup.


  1. Wow. Time flies and it's been a year already! Did you get anywhere on the CNC Mill project? Or did you drop that for the 3D printer and get too bogged down to get back to the mill? ,o) If that's it, trust me, I know the feeling...

  2. Time does indeed fly- at warp speed it seems! The Linisteppers will handle CNC duties while Makerbot electronics will handle printing. I've been stuck on making both the print head and the milling spindle as I don't have a lathe but that will soon change. :)

  3. can you share the breakout board ? schematic and layout. thanks

  4. You can get the breakout board from James here-

    I also just got my lathe so I'm back in business!