Friday, February 4, 2011

Extruder construction

I started building the extruder and it's definitely a bit of work to build it this way as it's entirely welded from stainless steel. I still need to weld in the inlet/outlet fittings to the water jacket. The nozzle is made from two brass pieces silver brazed together and you can see the hole for the enamel resistor. The nozzle size is .4mm and it attaches to the stainless tube with a set screw so I can easily swap/replace the nozzle/heater assembly. There are also two small holes in the bottom near the water jacket so I can push out the liner if need be. I sure hope this thing works...

Since the extruder will be driven using a stepper motor I'm going to attempt to make my own worm drive gear using some spare ACME rod I have. The worm gear will be cut from a Delrin blank- should be fun and at the very least a good learning experience. :)

I also had a whole bunch of parts show up and the drive belts should be here early next week- woohoo!


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