Thursday, March 17, 2011

More work done

It's getting there...

I got the motors mounted, the coolant tank done, radiator mounts made and the PID mounted into the front faceplate. I also mounted the circuit boards but I really don't like it- I'm going to figure something else out so it's just temporary.



  1. I just discovered the extruded aluminum section of I really need to examine that site more...

    Anyway -- I've noticed this bot, and a couple of other similar bots. They seem to work, then stop progress. I'm designing a bot along these lines as well. What happened? Why did you suddenly stop posting on the web? It seems to be a common occurrence...

    1. I had to take time off it to do some contract work (a very time consuming job) and other commitments have kept me extremely busy but I have just recently begun work on it again dealing with the electronics- I'll have a new post soon.